Molan-Pino has all necessary equipment available to ensure that all parameters needed for the conversion of EPP are consistently met. Continuous maintenance is carried out on all equipment to ensure that it always runs optimally with minimal down time.

We source our raw materials from Mitsui Kaneka in Belgium and can offer our customers any density between 20 – 300 gr/l moulded. We currently only source black/grey EPP, however we are in the position to offer a variety of different colours including red, blue, green and white. Kaneka is certified to ISO 9001 quality standards and is an approved supplier to Molan Pino.

Our moulding machine was manufactured by Erlenbach GMBH in Germany and is the biggest standard EPP particle foam moulding machine available. With moulding sizes of 1650 mm x 870 mm and depths of up to 300 mm we can meet 99% of our customers requirements. The machines are controlled by a state of the art touch screen PLC ensuring that all parts produced are exceptionally consistent with very high CPK results.

All moulding tools are developed and manufactured by our toolroom in Barcelona, Spain, out of virgin aluminium. Molan Pino was the first company on Spain to produce components from EPP and thus have all the technical expertise and knowledge to produce world class tools that are efficient to meet and surpass all customer requirements. Once tools have been tested and approved by Spain they are then shipped to SA ready for production. All tools are continuously maintained by qualified personnel. Molan Pino South Africa is currently developing a toolmaker in South Africa to service our local needs.